Kids & Teen Accounts

Designed for Kids Ages 12 and under to help promote good savings habits.

Sammie's Saver Club Features:
  • Free Membership ID Card
  • Free Credit Union Activity Book
  • Free Birthday Card
  • Each Deposit Earns a Trip to "Sammie's Sea Vault" for a prize.
  • An Official "Sammie the Seal" bean bag plush when you open an account and accumulate deposits of at least $500.
  • Plus, Accounts Earn Dividends!
Sammie's Saver Club

Designed for Teens Ages 13 – 17

Surf-Zone Student Package Includes:
  • Checking Account with free starter checks
  • ATM/Visa Debit Card**
  • College Saver Term Certificates with only a $500 minimum investment
** Requires parental signature. ATM/Debit card withdrawal limits are $40 per day ages 13-15, $100 per day ages 16-17.
Surf-Zone teen Savers