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Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection

Courtesy Pay is an overdraft limit of $500.00 that is automatically assigned to your share draft account after the initial 90 days waiting period on new accounts. It provides you with an added level of protection against unanticipated cash flow emergencies and account reconciliation errors. There is no need to sign up for anything. You also have the right to “Opt” out of this program at any time.

How does it work?

The Courtesy Pay program is a service CCFCU offers to eligible members that will provide a limited amount of overdraft protection from which CCFCU may authorize and pay checks, ACH/electronic items and everyday debit card transactions (subject to certain requirements applicable to debit card transactions) initiated for payment against your eligible checking limit when account funds are not available. That means, instead of returning your check, ACH/electronic item and everyday debit card transactions, we will pay the item (subject to certain requirements applicable to debit card transactions) saving you additional charges from merchants as well as the embarrassment of an overdraft.

How Much does this service cost?

There is no additional cost for this service. However, you'll be charged with our Courtesy Pay fee per transaction. When the service becomes available on your account, you will receive important information detailing this service for your information and records.

Please click here for our Schedule of Fees and Courtesy Pay Disclosure.